Mission Impossible…. This Tape Will Self Destruct


Yes neighbors… maybe before the year 2014 the Village’s Financial Audit will be released. This document will be squeaky clean and filled with SMALL ONE-LINERS about the true condition of Campton’s budget. Instead of being 110% open and honest… our village spends countless hours making sure a document like this has their asses covered. At the same time they want to make sure it does not alarm residents… they want to make sure you are kept fat, dumb, and happy…

Don’t forget neighbors this is all about keeping control of 11,200 residents. Residents would be pissed if the village was openly talking about taxing us. They found out in the Kiva Drug Rehab fight that residents will fight back against the village… Mentioning taxes in the open would cause a revolt in the village and our village leaders would lose control.

Yes neighbors… the Finance Committee works in mysterious ways and everything is kept as quiet as possible…We do commend Campton Hills for producing meeting minutes that have a lot of words but say virtually nothing (facts, data, and reports are almost non-existent)… now that takes talent…. Sorry, the village does go into great detail in the village meeting minutes when they want to cover their ass over some event that may cause a problem… that is really slick…

We have posted several times before that Elburn’s village board is IN YOUR FACE HONEST… they just come out tell residents we are going to tax you. They also told residents they needed to pay taxes to fund their bloated police pension fund. Elburn’s village president told residents they would pay for the police pension fund one way or another. Recently they just told residents they will need to pay another $400 dollars ++ a year for sewer and water.  Just a little side note… plenty of homes are up for sale in Elburn… it looks like residents are trying to get out.

Here in Campton Hills they are still playing games with residents. It appears they are afraid residents will revolt and our village leadership would lose control of the village if the ABSOLUTE TRUTH was told to residents… What Campton Hills forgets about is opposecamptonhills.com. Our visitor numbers tells us that Campton Hills residents already know the truth… Our village leaders just make themselves look bad by not being 110% open and honest with residents…

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