Fire Department In Campton Hills Is Going To Fee Residents Out Of Their Homes

Sorry neighbors, you are going to keep bleeding money in Campton Hills. We have already been hit with a $600++ dollar increase in your property taxes since last year. Now the fire department that serves half of Campton Hills is increasing their fees. Campton Hills finances are also failing and we expect to see several hundred dollars in utility taxes (aka Franchise Fee’s) slapped against us in the next year. Don’t forget that we were one of the cheapest places to live in Kane County before this village existed, and now we are on track to become one of the most expensive places to live.

This fire department WAS FORCED ON RESIDENTS just like the village of Campton Hills was. This new fire department didn’t have enough money and they placed residents into two million dollars worth of debt. They still don’t have enough money to function properly. The highly rated, excellent St. Charles Fire Department was taken away from residents and now we are stuck with a second rate fire department.

Yes neighbors… we are going to be FEE’ED, FINED, AND TAXED out of our homes in Campton Hills. You need to thank our lying village leadership in Campton Hills for gouging us for money.


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