Campton Cops Are Keeping Track Of Legal Gun Owners (Foid Holders) In Campton Hills…. Criminals With Guns Are Not… HAIL CAMPTON!!!!!!

Yes neighbors… legal gun owners who have a FOID cards are being tracked in Campton Hills. The police department in Campton is keeping track of you.

What is so interesting about this is that CRIMINALS that have guns in Campton that don’t have FOID cards are NOT BEING TRACKED. Yes neighbors… only legal gun owners are being tracked in Campton and the criminals with guns are not..

FYI…. Some people have FOID cards but they don’t even own guns… so Campton cops are even tracking these people???? … MAYBE CAMPTON HILLS SHOULD HAVE RESIDENTS CARRY PAPERS THAT INDICATE YOU ARE A RESIDENT OF CAMPTON HILLS… That way our local cops can ask you for identification papers. SHOWS US YOUR PAPERS!!!!!

When Campton police do traffic stops they have NO CLUE if a gun is in the car or not… but LEGAL GUN HOLDERS in Campton are being tracked. What is wrong with this picture neighbors???? People driving cars through Campton do not NEED TO NOTIFY our local police department that they have a gun in the car but residents are being tracked…. and criminals with guns driving through Campton Hills don’t need to notify our police department…  Hmmmm… Campton’s police keeping track of gun owners has a few holes in it…

It is OK for the Campton Cops to keep track of legal gun owners but residents ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SEE CRIME INFORMATION IN THE VILLAGE. Many towns and villages are posting crime information on the internet to KEEP RESIDENTS safe. We have posted many times that Campton Hills could be posting potentially life saving information on but instead our local cops are only interested in TRACKING LEGAL GUN OWNERS aka FOID CARD HOLDERS…

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